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The NAGA SARPA mala is made with seeds found in the water stream of Adilabad forests; these seeds are collected and made by Gond tribal, and it is also called ‘Vyjayanthi mala.’

It is inspired by ancient tribal wear. In the early days, these tribes made jewelry from natural materials available in their surrounding. Everything from nature was gathered and used, such as seeds, flowers, leaves, fruits, shells, beads, etc., based on their availability, tradition, and their symbolic meaning.

Naga sarpa beads are not only used as ornaments but also used as the roots and seeds of this plant for medicines 

People shed Naga sarpa seeds because of high fever, cholesterol, cancer, warts, arthritis, obesity, and respiratory infections. It is also used to treat a disease called toxoplasmosis caused by parasites and treat many other health issues.

These Naga Sharpa hold unique vibrations and spiritual power, which help to remove all negative energies and bring self-confidence, peace, strength, and enlightenment.



  • It draws in positive energy while repelling negative energy.
  • Peace and prosperity will reign.
  • Increase self-confidence 
  • Success in every walk of life
  • Brings good fortune
  • It protects you from negative energies 
  • It also helps in meditation and enhances concentration 

Authentic handcrafted tribal jewelry is unlike anything you’ll find in a department store

Shanka Mukhi kaala sarpa

₹350.00 Regular Price
₹262.50Sale Price
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