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Are you ready to camp by the beautiful 

Lake & Nature


If you have been feeling stuck in a rut at work lately, like you are living the same day, week and month over and over again then it is time you break the pattern and take a couple of days’ break only to bounce back with twice the energy and enthusiasm at office/work.

The TribeVibe Adventures offers a 1-night package which includes overnight stay at campsite at Mathadi village, Adilabad. This package can be customised as per campers. 

Whether you enjoy biking, trekking, playing volleyball or any other outdoor activity, the TribeVibe has everything mentioned above to offer to you. The camp is planned in such a way that campers would disconnect with the virtual world and connect with self and nature. 

These days most people, including children are living in a virtual world thoroughly ignoring people or activities around us. This camp would create an atmosphere where the

campers would interact and make new friends and know each others’


When you're spending time at home in your usual routine, you may not

realise just how much you’re missing away from nature. When was the

last time you lied on your back with family an friends and gazed at stars?

When was the last time you had a campfire? 

We all have, at least once in our life, imagined waking up to sunrise by

the side of the lake with a cup of hot coffee in hand. Buckle up to

experience all of these here at the TribeVibe Adventures. 



  • Stress reduction

  • Fresh air

  • Relationship building

  • Physical fitness

  • Lack of alarm clocks

  • Unplugging

  • Great food 

  • Connection with nature

  • Development of new skills and so on ...


Day 1: Reach at Mathadi (Camp site). It is a 15-minute drive from Utnoor.

Day 2: 

The camp would be set by the side of a beautiful lake. 

Around 5 pm, the campers would be served snacks and a hot coffee by the side of the serene lake. 

The campers can play volleyball for sometime and enjoy the sunset. They get freshen for the most awaited evening of the camp i.e. campfire.

Campfire and barbecue will be set and campers can interact with the locals and make new friends. 

And then comes the highlight of the day i.e. stargazing.

Get up early at 6 am. 

Take a stroll in the foggy morning and witness one of the best sunrises. Tea or coffee would be served at the camp site. 

Campers would be taken for birdwatch at nearby hills. It would be a small trek.


After coming back, snacks would be served before we bid adieu to the camp. The campers are assured that they would return with a lot of memories in the shortage time they spend here at the camp.


Everything can be customised based on the requirement of the campers.

If you are bored of having broiler chicken, you can order Natukodi (country chicken) by informing the organisers beforehand.

Transport from Utnoor to Mathadi will be arranged at an additional cost

Transport from Mathadi to Utnoor will be arranged at an additional cost

Stargazing can only happen if the skies are clear.

There might be slight changes keeping in mind the weather conditions on certain day.


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