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One night and Two days


3000/- Per person

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If you have been bored of clocking 24/7 at office and feel that you are stuck in the web then you just need to refresh yourself, recharge yourself before starting a new. It is high time you get in nature and reconnect with your life.

The TribeVibe Adventures offers a 2-day package, which includes one night camping and two days trekking to the unseen/unexplored Mitte waterfalls, Adilabad.

Mitte waterfalls, located at Pittaguda village in Adilabad, is also known as Sapthadundalu (7 waterfalls naturally formed one after the other). It is a 2-km hike from the Pittaguda village. As the name goes by, there are 7 waterfalls that are spread over 15 kms. Of 7 falls, only 3 are accessible that too on foot. One has to walk about 3-4 kms into jungle to visit these magnificent waterfalls. BE PREPARED TO GET MUDDY!!! The waterfalls are in their full glory now. The heavy rains have led to a thickly cascading waterfalls that sprays a mist in the entire area as it drops from its great height.

The tourism department has neglected this beautiful place otherwise it

would have become one of the best tourist spots in the Telangana,

according to a newspaper. The same reason the waterfall is considered

special by the organisers as it is still in its raw and organic form.

Only few people explored such splendid falls so far. And you can be

one of them.

To explore, one has to cross a rivulet and walk past agricultural fields to

reach the waterfalls. This would challenge the fittest both mentally and

physically. It is difficult to hike as the terrain gets slippery and tougher

by each step. At one point, the campers might also feel like giving up

but once the campers get a glimpse of the waterfall it is all worth the

pain and exhaustion. While hiking the campers might go through the

mixture of emotions - anger, happiness, a sense of fulfilment,

achievement and many more. Each and every emotion is totally earned

by the camper him/herself.



Whether you like biking, trekking, playing volleyball or any other outdoor activity, the TribeVibe has everything mentioned above to offer to you. If you are lucky then you will get a chance to gaze stars. 

To make the ambient more beautiful, the TribeVibe would set campfire and barbecue. There might also be a jamming session by the locals if they are available. It also has an open kitchen where one can cook their own recipes.


This is adventurous destination for youngsters and nature lovers.


Day 1: Reach at Lingapoor (camp site) - 44 km from Utnoor - by 12 Pm.

Day 2: Camp site to Waterfall (6 km Trek)

A 1-km muddy walk from Lingapoor village to the camp site. The campers will have some time to rest and enjoy the serenity.

At 1 pm, the lunch is served, after which the trek to the first 2 waterfalls will begin. The terrain is a mix of plain and descending walk through the slippery and paddy fields.


The campers would be given anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes of time at each waterfall to enjoy stunning weather and nature.

The campers would be back before sunset. They will freshen up for the most happening evening i.e. campfire, barbecue and jamming session.

The campers would be served dinner around 8-9 pm.

The campers would go to bed at 10 pm. The following day would be the most memorable and also challenging day of the camp.

Wake up to landscapes and birds chirping. The campers would be served breakfast at 8 am.

Get set for the third fall which is about 6-km trek.

The trek would take anywhere between 60 and 120 minutes to reach the point. Just the sneak peek of the waterfall after a tough walk is worth all the pain one went through. 


Lunch would be served at the waterfall. The campers can enjoy their hero meal by the side of the tremendous waterfall. They can spend sometime there after the lunch, click few photographs and videographs and make memories. It is those photographs and videographs that would remind you of the stunning trek you have ever had in Telangana. The campers would be walked back at 3:30 pm to the camp site.

Snacks will be served before leaving to Utnoor 


Everything can be customised based on the requirement of the campers.

If you are bored of having broiler chicken, you can order Natukodi (country chicken) by informing the organisers beforehand.

Transport from Utnoor to Lingapoor will be arranged at an additional cost.

Transport from Lingapoor to Utnoor will be arranged at an additional cost.

Stargazing can only happen if the skies are clear.

There might be slight changes keeping in mind the weather conditions on certain day.


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